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Hi there! My name is San, and I am super happy to have you here on my blog! I won’t make this long, I promise. If you’re new here, welcome! Check out my other designs on the main page if you are interested!! I love tapestry crochet and cute accessories.

Okay, let’s talk square, because that’s why you’re here! This is the Illusion Square, the 5th square of the CAL!

A design I made specifically for Sunflower Cottage Crochet’s Friendship Blanket CAL. Big thanks to Helen and Sara for having me. It’s been such a pleasure to create this square for the project!! I’m so excited to make my own Friendship Blanket along with you all!! Maybe you’ve seen my squares in Helen and Sara’s Facebook group?

Helen’s Blanket! One of the amazing women behing Sunflower Cottage Crochet!

First of all, download your free copy from my Ravelry store (no coupon code needed!) by clicking HERE
or you can download it directly from this website by clicking the button below.

So! I know I know, the theme for the Blanket is « Texture ». How is a tapestry crochet square textured, you say? Well, I am glad you asked! It is….. not. BUT BUT what if the absence of texture WAAAAS the texture?????


Okay, it’s a stretch, I know. Truth it, I fell in love with the technique about 2 years ago, and I decided to fully embrace my obsession and try to create all the things with that cool technique. So maybe that square doesn’t exactly ressemble all the others but I think it’s pretty nice to see them all together!

Here’s a tutorial to help you start your square!

If you enjoy this square, remember that you can always make a bunch of them and create an Illusion Blanket. The motif was created to look super cool when put into a mosaic.

So that’s it, that’s the post. I’m not gonna annoy you too long. You have a square to work on! If you need help, I’ll be happy to provide. Simply send me a quick message either on Facebook or Instagram!

ALSO, #shamelessplug, check out my cool crochet stickers before you leave. If you want to support me and my creations, this is the way to go!

Find them in my Etsy store right here >>

If you want to subscribe to my blog, click the « Follow » button in the botton right corner of your screen. That way you will receive an email every time I post a new blog post (which is not that often and it’s always relevant. Pinky promise, I won’t be annoying!).

I hope to see you soon! Thank you for stopping by!

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