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Let me introduce myself: Sandra La Madeleine. I am a summer lover, Harry Potter obsessed, tattoo enthusiast, and crochet passionate.

I also have a strong love for alternative rock and the colour black.

I made my debut in this yarnverse in 2014, when I received a crochet kit as a way of killing boredom while I was pregnant. That’s how I made my very approximative and not very convincing first steps. But still, I started to like it!

In 2015, wanting to gather all my creations pictures in the same spot, I decided to create my own page. Thus L’amas de laine was created. A fantastic pun with my family name, thank you very much.

I made my entrance in the design world in 2016, when I published my own version of these really popular high top slippers. And this pattern that put me on the map, also got me hooked!

A couple of years and about thirty designs later, here I am.

Crocheting as fast as I can to keep up with my imagination!