Des dons pour Leucan

Donations for children dealing with cancer

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October has been over for a few days now. Actually we are almost half way done with november, it’s crazy to me that time goes by so quickly and so slowly at the same time.

This year has been weird, scary, stressful, disturbing, all of that at once. That’s why at the beginning of october, I took the decision to collect donations for Leucan, an association helping children dealing with cancer, and their families. A bit of light in a really dark year, it could only be good.

Do you remember the Cancer Challenge? I offered a design for free for a whole week, and people who downloaded it took a pledge to make at least one hat to donate to a cancer patient or to an association. Once the freebie was over, and the design was now on sale, I took the decision to gather all the income from this pattern’s october sale. Each penny collected from Helix sale has been donated to Leucan. I don’t know what this little amount will do. Will it help two families? Three? Maybe juste one? Doesn’t matter. I’m happy that together we could make a small difference.

Thanks to you and your Helix purchases during october, we were able to donate $156 CAD.

Thank you for helping the cause. Let’s do that again next year,
shall we? ❤️

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