Atelier C2C + patron

C2C mini class + pattern

Cliquez ici pour le français!

This weekend, the mini class about the C2C technique has been publised! If you’ve been looking at Corner to corner projects for a while now but never tried because it is intimidating, I think this is a mini class for you!

To learn how to Corner to corner, it’s totally free. The video is available on my YouTube channel since friday night! By the way, if you want to watch my videos and tutorials as soon as they’re published, subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the bell icon to enable the notifications.

The video is in french but there are english subtitles available!

If you appreciate the technique and would like to practice on a real project, you can of course make one up from your imagination. Or if you wish and are able to, you can get my Horizon pattern, a really pretty C2C infinity scarf, perfect for beginners!


Et voilà! That’s all for this mini C2C class. I hope it was useful to you. If you’ve never successfully achieve a C2C project, fingers crossed that Turn and rotate helps you get there!

See you soon!

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