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Here’s a new chronic on my blog: Jade’s crafts! Periodically, with the help of mommy, Jade will show you how to make a cute crafty project. Ideal for 4+ year old kids! Have fun!

Jade’s Crafts

« Hi! My name is Jade, I am 6. I love cats, and I love craftind and drawing. »

Cat in space Card

You will need:
– a black piece of paper of 15 cm by 21 cm
– a white sheet
Spiral templates of your choice
– a multicolored pen
– a white colored pencil or a white gel pen
– a glue stick
– a pair of scissors

1. To make the planets, you need to draw 4 or 5 spirals on the white sheet with your multicolored pen. You can also draw them by hand if you don’t have spiral templates.

2. Cut your spirals/planets with your scissors. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to an adult!

3. Glue your planets/spirals on your black paper. Make sure to leave a space to draw your astonaut cat later!

4. With your white colored pencil, draw your astronaut cat and some stars in the sky. You can also write « Happy birthday » or « I love you! » under your cat if you give your card to someone!

And you’re done!

Your card is finished! You can write a nice message behind it to give to someone you like, or you can hang it in your room for a cute way to decorate!

*Craft idea inspired by the craft box called « L’art des spirales », available at Costco.

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