Le Granny non-conventionnel

Unconventionnal Granny

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As crocheters, I believe one of the first thing we learn is to make one of those classic Granny square. A 3 double crochet stitches in the same stitch sequence, usually worked in the round to make a square. Easy, cute, quick. Basic and essential.

But what about the projects that use this stitch, but stay clear of the classic square?

Today, I thought I could present you 3 patterns that think outside the box and use this cute stitch, but differently! And – bonus point – all three patterns are written by local designers, here, in Quebec. ❤

1. Canadian Granny Cowl by Lucie Drolet

This pattern starts with the classic square, but then takes a new path when working rows. A cute and light cowl, with stripes that reminds us of those big wool socks when often wear in Quebec. Lucie is graciously giving us this pattern! Thank you!

Find Lucie’s other patterns in her Ravelry shop!
Follow Lucie and her group on Facebook!

2. L’Angélique des Pays d’en Haut by Hatty Nady for Mère et Fille Tricots

Because we really need to have one: Nadine presents us an airy triangular shawl made in worsted weight yarn. I bet it’s super quick to make!! She also generously gives us this pattern. Thank you!

Find Nadine’s designs here!
Follow Nadine on Facebook!

3. Granny by me!!

Aaaah but of course, I had to! This is my Granny hat! An oldie but a goodie! The stitch pattern starts at the top down. I bet you won’t be able to find a better granny hat anywhere else! For a couple of bucks only, you can make your own version, available in 6 sizes.


Which design is your favourite? Tell me in the comments! I bet you could totally make a great matching set if you use a couple of those designs at the same time. Just an idea 😉

Happy Grannying!

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