La laine au temps du Covid

Yarn during Covid

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Our good Dr Arruda has been suggesting for a couple of weeks now to use this quarantine time to learn something new or to finally finish a long time project. Those are all excellent ideas, but it this that simple?

Being a long time crocheter, I have quite a lot of yarn at home that’s just waiting to be transformed. I also am pretty familiar with long days spent on the couch, working on a project while I binge watch Netflix. But this, is only as usual.

Now? Nothing is usual about this situation. It’s like when you’re about to clean the kitchen, and your S.O. tells you that you should clean up. Listen honey, I was about to do just that, but since you’re asking me, I’m not feeling like it all of a sudden… Same game.

I have all the time in the world to work on my projects. I have a list of probably fifty things I wanna create with my hooks. I even have a new craft room in the basement that’s waiting for me. Well fuck me, now is the time I feel demotivated? I just wanna grab my Motivation by the shirt, slap it in the face, and say: What are you thinking, goddamit? Let me down NOW? Are you INSANE??

Whatever. I don’t feel like pushing me. The ambiance is already tense as it is without me adding to it. To all of those that have the energy to do it all, you are my heroes. To all of those like me who are demotivated, it’s okay.

It’s okay if you’re not learning anything new during the quarantine, taking it easy instead. It’s okay if you’re not repainting the whole kitchen cause you should’ve done that two years ago. It’s okay if you’re not finishing your fingering weight sweater in two days. It’s okay if you’re washing your hair only once a week ’cause you have no energy. It’s okay if you don’t transform yourself in a teacher every morning for your kids. It’s okay if you stay in your P.J. It’s okay if you spend too much time on the internet. It’s okay if you eat way too much pasta.

It’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know I won’t be. Life is nothing but weird these days. Nothing is normal out there, or in your house, anywhere. Give yourself a break. Just do what you have to do to go through these weird days without losing your mind.

See you on the other side. ❤

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