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«One skein wonder» scarves

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Maybe you know what «one skein wonder» means? If not, let me explain. That’s basically a design that uses only a single skein or ball of yarn. Nothing more, nothing less, minimum leftovers.

Personally, that’s my favourite kind of patterns. No need to buy a crap ton of skeins to finish your project, and you don’t end up having to deal with a little ball you never know what to do with. Said ball ends up at the bottom of a drawer or a bag, until one day you’re tired of seeing it and throw it in the garbage can. Don’t look at me like that, I know I’m not the only one!

I have three designs I want to propose today, for both crocheters and knitters.

The first one is called Mystic. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you probably already know that one. A big Bulky skein in Lion Brand Scarfie, a big hook, and you’re good to go!

Click here for Mystic!

The second design I want to share is my latest. The Checkmate pattern! It uses only a single skein (duh!) of Lion Brand Mandala Tweed. and a cute repeat motif. Pretty much my favourite these days.

Click here for Checkmate!

The last design I want to share is for you knitters out there! Since I don’t knit, my friend Karine from La rose du rang wanted to propose her Stellar pattern! A design in Light Fingering, absolutely gorgeous.

Click here for Karine’s Stellar!

Did you try one of these three designs? What One skein wonder pattern is your favourite?

See you soon!

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