Arrêtes d’attendre

Stop waiting!!

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For some time now, I’m trying to let it go a little bit more. What I mean is that I’m always trying to control everything, and this needs to change. Life’s too short, guys. Let’s stop trying to create the perfect moment, waiting for the perfect occasion or the perfect pattern, or waiting for the perfect body.

Truth is, we all are human beings. Perfectly imperfect. That’s what makes us so charming, if you could say. Our little imperfections and bad habits are what makes us… us. No, nothing’s perfect, not even us. And that’s perfectly okay like that.

Let’s stop waiting after the perfect silhouette to re-do our wardrobe. Fiften more pounds and I’ll buy myself new clothes. Why wait? You’re already cute like that! You deserve that new top, those new leggings!

Why wait to wear those beautiful shoes? You don’t want to ruin them? So your beautiful and perfect pair will stay in the closet forever, then? What a shame. You should wear those. Until they tear!!!

Let’s stop waiting after the perfect pattern for this beautiful yarn! No, maybe you’ll never find it. But you spent all this hard earned money of yours on this yarn, why would you wait? What are you waiting exactly? That your dog find it and eat it? Or that there’s a flooding that will ruin your whole stash? Or maybe are you waiting to have so many yarn that you won’t be able to use it all in your lifetime, and your beautiful skein will get lost in a sea of unused yarn? KNIT THAT SHIT, GURL!!

When I was a kid, somebody offered me mini easter chocolates in the shape of tiny dogs. I thought they were so cute!!! Too cute, even. I didn’t want to eat them. For weeks, my mom told me it was a silly idea to not eat them, that we’d end up having to throw them away. In my 8 year old mind, I didn’t want to disfugure them. No I never ate them. And we had to throw them away. Wow, it was worth it…

All of that to say that we should stop waiting for the perfect moment. Maybe it exists, but maybe not. Life is happening, right now! You should do what makes you happy. Life is too unpredictable and too short. Too fragile. There are too many shits happening all the time, accidents, tragedies. Do what you like and never look back.

Live those dreams. Live this life. Buy this wardrobe. Dye your hair in purple. Wear that yellow coat. Use that fancy shmancy camel yarn. Eat that last piece of cake. Take that cooking class. Get that tattoo. Accept this oversea job. Try this 5k race. Open this online shop. Publish this pattern.

Myself, 2009. I’ve never felt as free as this in my life.

Take a leap of faith and scream. Loud.
Your life is not tomorrow, it’s right now

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