La petite fille qui bricolait

The kid that used to craft

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Baby San, 12 years old, 2002

I also loved crafting. As far as I can remember, I used to collect papers, pencils, paints, pipe-cleaners, pompoms, and tools of all kinds to play around. I tried everything.

I had two favourite techniques. First, paper mâché. I loved creating sculptures in newspaper, covering it with toilet paper, and then painting it. Was it always pretty? Fuck no But I always had a lot of fun, and that’s what counted for me. At least at that age that’s what counted.

My second favourite technique was drawing. I drew for a lot of years. As a teen, I even had a blog where I talked about anything and everything, and I’d illustrate my post with a drawing. For a long time, I wanted to actually make a career out of it. I even think I had a certain talent, in my style. Unfortunately I stopped drawing eventually, stupidly thinking that it was useless.

Even if, ultimately, the chances were thin that I would have a drawing career, having fun is always worth it.

Grown up San, 2018.

Today, I am a grown up. And I am trying to find this spirit that I had when I used to craft as a kid. We should always do it for ourself first. And if we have enough courage to share it with the world, we should always remember that we like what we did. Will you make money with your creation? Maybe. Maybe not. But do YOU like it? Are YOU proud of yourself? Did YOU have fun? Awesome. Pursue this goal. And if you’re unable to pay the bills with it, at least your mind escaped during the creation process. And you felt good. So remember….

Having fun is always worth it.

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  1. Tellement d’accord avec toi chère amie! Ce que j’aime de ce temps particulier (faut bien trouver un peu de positif), c’est la baisse de popularité de la performance. Les bienfaits de créer de ses mains dépassent largement le « je suis bonne », « je suis la meilleure » ou le fameux « ii faut que je fasse plus de fric avec ça ».

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    1. Tu as tellement raison!! Même si je plaide coupable d’avoir essayer et d’essayer encore de monétiser mes passions (c’est un rêve pour tous de vivre de sa passion!), j’essaie de revenir aux sources. Créer pour le plaisir. Ça rend zen, ça fait du bien.


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